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Links catalog

The aim of creating this catalog is to create full list of sites that can be useful for musicians. Catalog divided into paid and free parts. In free part it is collected sites that don't take any fee from their users.

Multilingual catalog

Due to multilingual of search engine the catalog must be multilingual too. That why sites must have desciptions on all languages that they support. The site ranking inside category depends on user language: first will show sites on user's language.


Each site may have keywords which will be used in search. For example there is site devoted to flute so the keyword for it will be "flute". Then if user types in search any query that containf "flute" then in column recomended sites will be shown this site.

Back links

Of course I'll be very glad in you add link to scorser on your site but it is not nesesary for noncommercial sites

If you want to get in Catalog just write me to lanchotto[] mail with URL, title (50 symbols max) and description (200 symbols max) on english and other languages that your site support and keywords of your site.